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STeaP Quickie – Muggswigz Orange Market Spice

Quick, in the car review of Muggwigz Orange Market Spice, which is a very spicy, cinnamon flavored black tea that is really quite tasty without any additives and is very reminiscent of the Boulder Tangerine tea (except the Boulder tea is a tisane) that STeaP reviewed in a previous video episode. This is a local tea/coffee shop, but you can order the tea online and I highly recommend it!

STeaP on the Go: Adagio Wild Strawberry

Sorry for the positioning of the camera in my phone mount in the car. Will be repositioning it a bit lower before doing another mobile review. This was a quick test and a bit rambly, but it was fun to do a bit of reviewing on the go. Let me know if you enjoy the quick review and I’ll try to do more of them!

See you Tuesday for STeaP Live! :)

STeaPToday: Stash Powdered Green

A special mini-STeaP to review Stash’s Green Tea Powder on my way to work. For more tea goodness, check out

TeaToday: Upton Rose Bancha

I try Upton’s Rose Bancha on my way to work/school/I don’t remember. It was pretty good!

TeaToday: Dragons Revisited

Joe and I revisit the Dragonwells that battled in our most recent episode to see how they match up with a second infusion. Watch to see if the same tea is the victor!

TeaToday: Yogi Kombucha

Trying kombucha tea for the first time, a Yogi brand that my friend Laura sent my way a week or so ago. Kombucha is fairly tasty!

STeaP Supplemental

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For iTunes-watchers, we’ve created a special feed called “STeaP Supplemental,” which will include TeaTodays, special viewer videos (send us an email if you’d like your special video featured!), and Masto‘s Does It Go With Tea? (DIGWT) series. You can view the type of videos that will be on this feed at:

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TeaToday: Yogi Kombucha

Trying out some Yogi Kombucha tea from LauraDameeks, which turned out to be very tasty! I made the tea in the TriniTEA, even though it comes in bags.

Some links on kombucha tea:

TeaToday: Harney & Sons Black Currant

Revisiting the Harney & Sons Black Currant tea that we featured in the Tea Showdown in January.

TeaToday: Boulder Dushanbe Freebies

STeaP received samples for review from Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse. Keep an eye out on our tea schedule to see when we’ll be trying out these new teas, and order yourself some samples if you’d like to try with us. :)