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STeaP #66 – Super Tea Plans?

Hey there! Let’s have a talk about the future of STeaP and where I’d like to take the show. I’m excited about the idea, and it’s actually already in the works (click the linkage below the player after watching the episode). Watch the video, give it some thought, and then give some feedback on the forum via the thread link below the player!

STeaP Live Discussion Thread – Tell me what you think, and learn more about the specifics of the plan!

STeaP Live on TalkShoe – First show on February 3rd at 8 pm EST.

And prior to the launch of the live portion of STeaP, next week will be video episode #67, co-hosted by my mother-in-law! :)

STeaP #52 – Change in the Air

This episode features two flowering teas from Stash, but we also have news about the future of the show and where it’s heading after a year’s worth of episodes. Be sure to watch the episode all the way through and contribute to the conversation about the future of the show on the STeaP community site.

HostsBrandice and Joe

Tea #1 – Stash Flowering Basket Flowering Green Tea, 3 minutes, 180º

Tea #2 – Stash Amaranth & Jasmine Flowering Green Tea, 4 minutes, 180º

For discussion of this and other episodes, or to ask questions about STeaP or tea in general, check out our online community.

Felicitea’s CTC Contest

Summer, custom tea blender of Felicitea (friend: Felicitea), is currently looking for tea-drinking contestants for Phase One of her Coffee to Tea Convert Contest. All you have to do is create a video about why you drink tea instead of coffee, and then add the video to the Felicitea’s CTC Contest group. Phase Two of the contest will involve converting a lucky coffee drinker with lots of tea-related prizes!

The winner with the best tea video will have their video used to promote tea drinking for Phase Two of the contest, they will get free tea, and they will also get a special piece of free personalized teaware, so hop over to the group and submit your video. Tea is always a good reason to make a video!

STeaP Tea Giveaways



Check out the community thread linked in the image above to see what viewers (and your show hosts) are offering up for grabs… teas we tried but didn’t like, extra tea we’ll never drink before it goes to waste, any tea we have that is worth offering up to someone else instead of pitching in the trash. Leave a list of teas you’ve got sitting around if you’d like to contribute to the STeaP-encouraged tea exchange! :)

Ning Discussion: Summertime Tea Tips

I’ve started a discussion over in the Ning forums and thought I’d ask on the blog too.

How do you use tea to stay cool in the summer? What kind of iced tea do you make and how do you make it? Tea ice cream? Tea popsicles?

Thanks to humminbird on Twitter for the idea.

Blueberry Giveaway Winner: Mark!

Time to win the blueberry white tea was 3 minutes and 37 seconds. Congratulations to our winner, Mark, who very geekily guessed a steep time of 4 minutes and 2 seconds (in a tribute to the answer to the great question of life, the universe, and everything).

As a Douglas Adams fan, I was quite tickled to be able to give the prize to a Hitchhiker fan. Better luck to the rest of you in our many future giveaways! :)

(** Also, we did not have any entries for the other tea from that episode, the Berry Blueberry. I have a feeling this is because Joe and I were not fans of the tea, but if there’s anyone who would like to give the tea a shot and give an alternative review, the first email with “Berry Blueberry” in the subject will win the 2 ounce box. We are certainly eager to hear what others think of all of these teas!)

Community: The Great Tea Exchange

The Great Tea Exchange

LiveJournal is generally a great place to generate conversation about specific interests, so I am a member of several tea communities. Recently, a new one caught my interest, because it involves the actual exchange of tea with a special tea penpal. From their community description:

This is is a community for tea lovers to share their favorite teas with other members, as well as make friends/penpals! This will work just like any penpal community – post an intro, comment on ones that interest you and exchange info between yourselves. You can work out what you want to send between you. =)

Please only accept penpals/swap partners if you are serious about sending mail. There’s nothing worse than penpals who never write back! =(

Are you interested in finding some tea penpals? If so, hop over to LiveJournal’s Great Tea Exchange and swap some teas. :)

Tea Wanted! Tea Showdown Approaching!

Do you know of a great tea company that might want to send us some tea samples to review? STeaP is actively accepting submissions for reviews in 2008, and we would love to review tea companies that are loved by YOU, the viewer. Send us your suggestions, and don’t forget that Friday (THIS Friday) is the last day to send us your submission for the huge Tea Showdown of 2008!

Just send us an email at with the name of your favorite tea, how to properly prepare it, and hopefully you’ll be picked to win fabulous prizes during our first episode of 2008!