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About STeaP

What is STeaP?

STeaP stands for SuperTeaPeople, and aimed to provide entertainment, education, and insightful content about all things tea. The creation of that name can be seen in our first episode, and the purpose of STeaP was to provide weekly content on the subject of tea; how to brew it properly, how to choose a good tea, and how to identify what you like in your favorite teas. We reviewed tea, showcased proper preparation of different teas, discussed our own exploration of tea, had a lot of fun, and encouraged viewers to participate in our journey.

Where can I find STeaP episodes?

Our episodes can be found on Viddler and on iTunes under “Podcasts.” We also posted them here on the site, embedded from Viddler. Occasionally we made “TeaToday” videos as well, exclusive to Viddler and to

How often can I expect new STeaP episodes?

This show included weekly episodes during its run, but Brandice and Joe are now retired from the podcast. You can view all of the old episodes here on the site. :)

Who are Joe and Brandice?

Joe and Brandice met while writing novels together and became good friends many years ago. They both live in Northeast Ohio (a bit further from each other these days) and have a love of tea. Joe is a programmer and can be found online at, and Brandice was a social work graduate student during the show, but is now a practicing clinical social worker who works on an inpatient geropsychiatric unit in the area, and has also published a book of poetry since her STeaP adventures. She can be found at The two no longer collaborate on nerdy web projects but continue to geek it up individually with what is hopefully always a good cup of tea. :)