STeaP: The Tea Vodcast

Some Good and Some Bad News

Bad News: Some of our teas did not arrive in time to do the showdown for New Years, so we’ll be doing the Tea Showdown for January 7th. Sorry for the postponing, and we promise the New Year’s Eve show will still be a great one! :)

Good News: STeaP is hitting NYC in two weeks! Joe won a contest for Haydenfilms over at Viddler and has chosen yours truly to accompany him on the trip, so we’ll be filming a VERY special STeaP episode in New York City that will likely go live the week after the Tea Showdown.

So overall, mostly good news, and you’ll get two really special episodes two week in a row! :) Hope that will make it worth the wait, and don’t forget to check out our New Year’s episode, which will still be full of (hopefully) yummy teas.

  • Michelle

    Way to go, Joe! Yay!

  • gamwyn

    Ooooh the NYC trip sounds exciting!!!

    Too bad about the tea showdown–it’s the Harney & Sons, isn’t it?? :-)

  • FirstClown

    It was the Harney & Sons tea, but we have them now! The tea showdown will commence shortly!

  • Francisco Rodriguez

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