STeaP: The Tea Vodcast

STeaP Episode #15: Calendula Flowering Tea

Happy Holidays from Joe & Brandice at STeaP! I’m very excited to share our Christmas episode with all of you. :)

STeaP got a holiday surprise from Teaposy, a shiny new tea set for two! This little number was sent to us via the wonderful people at Importika and we just had to feature it for our holiday episode. We also got a wonderful flowering tea assortment and show off one of it’s selections, Calendula.

For the holiday season, we introduce a more intimate STeaP, now with less wall and more host! If you ever wanted to find out what we’re saying during the show, now you can! Got any more annoyances with the show we should be trying to iron out? Email us at

  • STeaP TV » Target Sporting Flowering Tea

    [...] In addition to glass teaware, Target is selling a 12-pack of Primula flowering teas for $16.99 (ON SALE) and Teaposy flowering teas in a 6-pack for $19.99. You may remember that we’ve reviewed Teaposy’s flowering tea in the past and have enjoyed it. [...]