STeaP: The Tea Vodcast

STeaP Episode #1: Earl Grey

The official first episode of STeaP. Today’s tea, Earl Grey. Also, we will investigate the importance of steeping your tea for the correct time and what happens when you don’t.

  • drlaura

    just discovered your show on MIRO. started with the two Breakfast tea episodes.
    and LOL, given that this episode discusses the importance of STEEPING and the name of your show?? why didn’t you steep when you did your 1st and 2nd taste tests for the breakfast teas?
    must admit that while earl grey is one of my husband’s faves. i think it tastes like they put nasty perfume in the tea.

    i’d only drink it if it were the last liquid around and then with extra sweetener and lemon or something to mask the taste…

    and i don’t buy it. it only comes in the house if given to us.
    but there are other teas i adore. and i think i will enjoy watching and etc.

    by the way. i got a mislabelled boston tea and the president of the company himself wrote me and sent me a nice box. so you might try them too.
    blessings, :L, drlaura